Arknights Wiki Guide & Tier List

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Arknights game is recently released globally. Arknight is a Strategy gacha game. This game is released for both android and ios devices in January 2020. Arknights Gorgeous anime-style game with a perfect combination of RPG and strategy elements In this game Hundreds of unique Operators across a variety of classes open up countless gameplay options. Arknights Auto Deploy system conveniently allows you to free up your hands. So you can check arknights game tips & tricks and Tier list which is given below.

Arknights Tips & Wiki Guide for Beginner:

You can Learn the basics of Arknights in this Beginners Guide. This Guide includes a guide on Operators, the base, combat, collecting materials, gacha, and more.

Collect and Deploy Operators:

Operators are in arknights are characters which we used for battle in this game. Each operator has their own skills and abilities which they are used in battle. In this game, Players can get Operators mainly by using either the Headhunter paid Gacha or the free Open Recruitment one. Both are random so that you cannot necessarily chose the Operator you get. So this is good tips to get deploy Operators. Also Check Top Photo Editors Online Tool.

Drop Rate Depends on Rarity:

In this game drop rates depends on rarity. The higher the rarity of the Operator, the lower its drop rates in this Gacha. This applies to both the paid and free Gachas.

RarityDrop Rate
6 Stars2%
5 Stars8%
4 Stars50%
3 Stars40%

Drop Rate Increases the More You Use:

If you draw 50 times in this game and you do not get a 6-star Operator, the next draw will have an increase of 2%. This will continue as long as you don’t get a 6-star. You will get a 100% drop rate at the 99th draw. So try to increase the star if you have 6 stars then you will get only 2% drop rate.

Choose the Best Operators:

Try to choose the best operators In this game to have many operators. Choose the operators which have High power or good battle abilities. Try to get low rarity operators. The biggest advantage of Low Rare Operators is that. It can be easily acquired from Headhunting or Recruiting them. Some are even unlocked by completing missions. So try to get low rare operators So full tier list of Arknights is given below.

Complete Missions by Winning Battles:

You can complete all the missions of arknights game by winning the game with good manners. Arknights is a tower defense gacha game, meaning your goal in this game is to prevent enemies from reaching their goal. Characters are deployed in the field to fight and defeat them.

Build & Manage Your Base:

The Base is an important aspect of Arknights game since its the only place to get important materials like guns etc and train your Operators. The base itself can only be unlocked near the end of the tutorial mission. So try to get Manage your base with good.

  • Know Operator Classes & Strengths
  • Get Buffs by Assigning Operators to Facilities
  • Increase Operators’ Levels
  • Use Auto-Battle to Farm for XP / Materials
  • Upgrade Operators Skills
  • Complete Elite Promotions
  • Increase Trust Levels
  • Raise Doctor’s Level

Reroll Tier List:

Tier 1: SilverAsh, Exusiai, Eyjafjalla

Tier 2: Seige, Hoshiguma

Tier 3: Shining, Anglina

So if you have any question regarding Arknights Wiki guide and tier list then freely ask us in comments I will try to help you as soon as possible.If you like our article then shareit with your friends.


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