When is Gacha Life 2 Coming Out?

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Recently, Lunime Games has announced that Gacha Life 2 is in development. The Lunime Games has decided to develop Gacha Life 2 because of the success of Gacha Life. Before deciding to develop Gacha Life 2, Lunime Games is going to do a big update to Gacha Life but they feared it would result in many bugs and players being unable to play. So they decided to make a whole new game Gacha Life 2 with many more features to utilize. You can know when will Gacha Life 2 release for Android, iPhone and PC below.

Gacha Life 2 Release Date

When is Gacha Life 2 Releasing?

You can checkout release of Gach Life 2 game by reading this article.

Features of Gacha Life 2

Here are some new features that will be in Gacha Life 2!

Pets – Pets in Gacha Life 2 will be color customizable and they can talk.
Mounts – You can easily put your favorite character on a horse, car and other similar things.
Hands – You can now change your hand gesture in Gacha Life 2.
Battle mode – Gacha for characters and level up!
More Customization – Change your 2nd glove/sleeve/pantleg/sock and equip an extra hat/accessory!
• 10 Characters in a scene + 50 total character slots

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    • Uh what? Black people don’t necessarily have their own hairstyle…and there are probably gonna be new hairstyles.

  1. Can you add something that we can chat and see each other? Can you also add the rooms we have like in gacha verse but we can invite friends to join the role play or chat plz ತಎತ

  2. Oh um Luni. You don’t have to add these things but they will be useful for some people 🙂
    1. If we could put our characters in placeholders so it’s like more character slots!
    2. If we had like special props like bandages with blood on that could help with some gacha roleplays!
    3. If there was a button to equip chest/boobs because some of the bestest shirts/jumpers have no chest for girls.
    4. If we had a button that said “MUSIC” so you can search up for songs and let it play throughout roleplay!
    5. If you could have tattoos! And you could color the tattoos.
    6. There is a update that you said that we can mount things well can you add in wheelchairs? And can you be able to color the wheelchair!

    • Somewhere Between July 1st and September 30th it’s been said on the website
      just Chill and be patient, Good things come to those who are patient

  3. Hope this helpful for some ppl
    1.make more rooms
    2.make more hair/bangs
    3.maybe try to find away for them to kiss
    4.can everything be free scene y’all did good with the gacha life 1
    5.no locks no lvl
    6.new easy games
    7.new eyes/mouths/glass/pupils
    8.new way for them to eat


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